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by Falco
14 Dec 2017, 13:01
Forum: The Tavern
Topic: DOLserver: please HELP !
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DOLserver: please HELP !

Hi all, i'm trying to use a dolserver in standalone mode, but i need help. First of all, i've tried to register at but at moment i have no response and i don't know how to contact Etaew by email. Problem 1. Reading that forum, i've seen this interesting post: Solo Enhancemen...
by Falco
30 Nov 2017, 04:15
Forum: Bugs
Topic: Cannot delete a pg
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Cannot delete a pg

Character Name: Eroe
Character Name: Faililbirg
Time: Always

I tryied to delete these two pg using DAoC client but i cannot do it.
After delete procedure i had relog and i see the pg again.


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