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Freyad Features

Postby Leodagan » 01 Mar 2016, 11:44

Features implemented for Freyad, and future to come.

Here are the Features that Freyad is trying to offer more of less successfully, those listed feature means that any improvement on those aspects will be release on the Shard, improvement on non-listed features could wait until most of the urgent work is done!

PvE Features

Classic World and Epic ZonesNoneMostly Implemented
SI Open Area and CitiesShrouded IslesMostly Implemented
SI Dungeons and Epic EncounterShourded IslesMostly Implemented
Trials of Atlantis Open Area and DungeonToAMostly Implemented
Master Level Quest and Artifact QuestToANot Implemented
Master Level Encounter and Artifact EncounterToAMostly Implemented
Trials of Atlantis Glass MerchantToAMostly Implemented
Catacombs Area and Common DungeonCatacombsLightly Implemented
Catacombs Instanced DungeonCatacombsLightly Implemented
Catacombs Aurulite MerchantCatacombsLightly Implemented
Champion Level and AbilitiesDarkness RisingMostly Implemented
Dragonslayer Rewards and MerchantDarkness RisingLightly Implemented
Labyrinth Rewards and MythirianLabyrinthLightly Implemented
Labyrinth InstancesLabyrinthLightly Implemented
Housing Area and mechanicsFoundationsNot supported yet
Capital Instanced DungeonLatestBadly Implemented
Tutorial Starting AreaLatestFully Implemented

RvR Features

Old FrontiersNoneNot Implemented
New FrontiersNew FrontiersFully Implemented
Darkness Fall - Always OpenNoneFully Implemented
Boat travel and Boat MastersNew FrontiersLightly Implemented
Aggramon EncountersNew FrontiersMostly Implemented
New Keep TypesNew FrontiersTo be Implemented
New Siege Craft SystemNew FrontiersTo be Implemented
Passage and Conflict and Summoner HallNew FrontiersLightly Implemented
Minotaur RelicsLabyrinthTo be Implemented
Keep Balance, and Keep/Tower BonusesLabyrinthLightly Implemented
New Realm Abilities and Common SkillsLabyrinthUntested

Customization Features

Home land Teleporter <Freyad Helper>AllMostly Implemented
RvR Teleporter for Instant ActionNew FrontiersTo be Implemented
Easy Epic Quest / Dragonslayer QuestNoneUntested
RvR Teleporter for Instant ActionNew FrontiersTo be Implemented
Relic Capture BalanceNew FrontiersUntested

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