How to Contact a GameMaster In Game

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How to Contact a GameMaster In Game

Postby Leodagan » 03 Apr 2016, 15:58

Game Masters and Admins (World Builders and Me) can be available for player support while they are in Game.

Sometimes people try to call them from /broadcast or other channels but that isn't always working.

Check if a Game Master is online

First you need to check there is one online...

Commands :

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/who GM

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who.png (67.54 KiB) Viewed 1412 times

Contact a Game Master

Contacting them can be done using specific channel


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/send {GameMaster Name} "Hi, I'm stuck !"
/t {GameMaster Name} "Hi, I'm stuck !"
/advice "any Game Master available to reset my character {CharName} to bind ?"

They won't be able to read "Realm" Channels if they're not using a char in the same Realm as you are...

What isn't working to get Game Masters attention...

/Broadcast, /LFG, /Yell channels aren't working, spamming /Appeal won't get you immediate attention either !

Most of privileged Staff members are working when they are online, which mean they can be testing some Skills for update, getting data around a broken Drop List, trying to reproduce a player reported Bug, etc...

They can't keep their attention on all channels of their current realm, and they can't even read other realms channel ! (would get really messy in their chat window)

If you can't contact a Game Master and really want support !

Join this Forum, start a topic explaining what support you need, add as much Details as you can, and please don't forget to give your in-game character Name to help the staff fixing your issue faster !

Staff will reply in about 24 hours to every urgent matter, but if the issue needs a server update it could stay unanswered up to the time a solution is found...

You can rightfully dig up any unanswered support topic after 72 hours, we are human and do forget trouble we couldn't solve before ;)

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