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How to Play

Postby Leodagan » 03 Apr 2016, 17:08

Explanation on how to play on Freyad.

To play on Freyad Shard you'll need an updated client of Dark Age of Camelot, without Uthgard Patch.



  • Install Dark Age of Camelot on your computer
  • Replace game.dll found in the installation base directory (e.g. C:\Dark Age of Camelot\game.dll)
  • Replace Frontiers Folder with the one from the "New Frontiers" Patch
  • Install DAoC Portal

DAoC Portal Configuration

  • Open your DAoC Portal and go to: File -> Settings
  • Choose your preferred Client-Number (#1 if you haven't yet used DAoC Portal) and click Browse
  • Choose the directory where you just installed the game to (e.g. C:\Dark Age of Camelot) and click Close
  • You are ready to connect now!

Connecting to Freyad

  • Choose Freyad on the serverlist (found under Supporting)
  • Choose a Username and a Password
  • Click Play!

Connect manually

  • Freyad DNS:
  • Freyad IP:
  • Port: 10300


    If you are or ever have been playing on Uthgard you need to create a different Dark Age of Camelot folder which you can update with the Mythic Patcher up to latest version without breaking patches!
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