Dragon Scales, Aurulite, Atlantean Glass, Demon Seals

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Dragon Scales, Aurulite, Atlantean Glass, Demon Seals

Postby Leodagan » 03 Apr 2016, 17:14

How to spend alternate Currencies on Freyad

Freyad offers you different Currencies, these special items have no other mean than serving as money to some special Merchants.

Currently supported Currencies : Dragon Scales, Aurulite, Atlantean Glass, Demon Seals

Dragon Scales

  • Farmed in the Epic Zones: Dartmoort, Malmohus, Sheeroe Hills
  • You can spend them in Capital Cities, At the Dragonslayers Merchant
  • You should also find a custom Mythirian Seller accepting this currency, he should be located near these Dragonslayers Merchants.


  • Farmed in Adventure Wings Dungeons, short instances available through Classic Dungeons and Catacombs Dungeons
  • In each Catacombs Capital Cities you should find some Merchant offering you "Spellbound" Gears, they shouldn't part with them unless you have some Aurulite on you!

Atlantean Glass

  • Farmed anywhere in Trials of Atlantis Open World and Dungeons.
  • You will mostly spend them on Master Level credits Merchant in Hall of Heroes at Entrance of Atlantis.

Demon Seals

  • Farmed in Darkness Falls and Agramon.
  • Even if this haven't been verified, Darkness Falls Merchants should gladly take your seals, if they have any stuff of interest...

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