Celestius [ML10 Dungeon]

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Celestius [ML10 Dungeon]

Postby Leodagan » 03 Apr 2016, 17:14

How Celestius is implemented on Freyad.

Celestius is the well known Master Level 10 Dungeon where you can fight Draco


  • On Freyad you can access Celestius by going through the City of Aerus. On the South East Generator Platform you'll find a Lobby Teleporter sending you to the Entrance of Celestius !
  • We don't use a a Random Teleport Location in Trials of Atlantis open lands, this need proper implementation and, with low population, would make it hard to find from time to time.


  • There are no specific Rules according to PvP encounters in Celestius, as you won't run into ennemies there !
  • Celestius being a single All-Realm region, it has been instanced like an Adventure Wing Dungeon, once you enter the server create your own Celestius with a clone of his inhabitants, Draco and an Helper.
  • You can enter there with a full group, the entire group will own the Instance. If you want to bring more than a full group it'll need to disband inside instance and invite other members so they can be ported to your instance once they go through the portal.
  • Celestius Instances will destroy after being empty of players during 5 minutes or immediately after all players exited and no mobs are left inside !
  • Remember mobs won't respawn in Instances


    For now only Draco will be available to fight, it should be easy prey for a small group (4-5 players) and won't use too much skills or advanced strategies !

    You will be rewarded with Master Level 10 loots in quantity, and also Scrolls and Aurulite. Later, Glass, Scales and ML10 Token should be implemented

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