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Bonedancer Spell line error

Posted: 23 Apr 2017, 20:47
by Daisie
Please note and correct:

Soupbone is my Bonedancer

Bonedancer spec line error in Supp - at 36 Supp you are supposed get a lifetap - not at 37 (on Freyad it shares timer/delve information with the ABS buff icon- as in the ABS buff at 37 Supp is delving the lifetap info and damage).

"with the addition to the totems, the LT was moved to 37, and you can not get everything you want, you either run a 39/37 spec, a 41/35 spec, or lose out on both, look it up..."

That is a tool tip typo. The instant LT is still at 36 spec. ... -the-patch