Multi account in RvR O_o ????

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Multi account in RvR O_o ????

Postby Forestine » 04 Apr 2019, 18:40

On this server TOA and thank God that it is the only one to exist permanently.

The artifacts are linked to the merits of RvR battles, in other words there is something to do with good SC without arties with Astral or stuff from CAER Sidi, Tuscarian or Galadoria to be almost perfect.

This server has been mounted in this direction, to us to PvE, to look for our items here and there, to calculate our characters in frames in function of our desires and needs.

But please stop going out in RvR with 2,3,4 or 5 accounts at the same. You kill the server, we see you as well in fofo as online. And therefore you are well the cause of the desertation of the players.

Real DAoC players do not like cheats and do not like to expose themselves in FREE RPS against a player with 2 to 5 char in the same RvR

Understand the good!
The GM says nothing, but we don't need him to boycott you!

be fair play please ! Use only 1 char for RvR.


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