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RoG Merchants

Postby Leodagan » 03 Apr 2016, 17:15

Freyad implements a custom Feature regarding Merchants.

Some of them can have a random inventory made from RoG mechanisms (Random Object Generator) which produces Weapons, Armors, Magical Items with bonuses to skills, stats, or resists...

These Items will never have Procs or Charges, their quality can go from 90% to 99%, and can be on any level depending on the Merchant level.

Some checks are made to ensure that skills and stats bonus goes accordingly to item type, examples :
  • Slash/Blade/Sword Weapon will never receive a Blunt/Crush/Hammer bonus skill
  • Scales/Chain Armor will never receive Cloth-Caster skills (as they can't equip this Armor Type)
  • Caster Staves will always receive a "All-lines Focus" with level depending on weapon level
  • Enchantment bonus will be set accordingly to item level
  • Magical Item (Ring, Wrist, Neck, Cloak...) can receive any type of bonus, depending on their Realm.
  • ...
That won't prevent some items to be totally junk !


For now, some testing Merchants are located in Starting Cities (Mularn, Mag Mell, Cotswold) with different level inventories and totally random object types.

With future updates these RoG mechanisms will be used for standard gear merchants (those who sells basic Armors/Weapons @85% quality that are crap copies of craft-able gears), the RoG Merchant already implements parameters to sell only certain type of items (it could be a "Polearm-only" RoG Merchant or a "Shield-only" Merchant, but it can be mixed with any number of item types).
This will be used to replace a standard "Chain/Studded/Leather" merchant with sell list of "Chain/Studded/Leather-only" RoG items ! (And any flavors of this configuration can be applied to other merchants)

RoG merchants will have a graphical update to stand out from regular merchants (for now they use a glowing book item overhead).

How They Work

  • Every hour there is a new "Inventory Random Roll", synchronized with all RoG merchants, this will display a centered message on player screen telling them that merchant have new inventories !

    Current Time for Random Roll : H + 3 minutes

  • Items proposed by RoG merchant are single and unique, that means you can only buy items 1 by 1, the item bought by a player will disappear from selling list and won't be replaced until next Random Roll
  • Items Level depends on the Merchant Level (select him to check is CON color to you) it will try to sell items with a range of -15 levels under his level and +15 levels above, with boundaries :
    • A level 1 Merchant will Sell item for the 1-30 range (lower bound moved upward)
    • A level 16 Merchant is pretty much the same thing as a level 1 Merchant, selling item from level 1 (16-15) to level 31 (16+15)
    • A level 45 Merchant will sell items ranged between level 30 and level 51 (Level 51 is upper bound)
    • A level 66 Merchant will only sell items at Level 51 (66-15 = 51, and anything higher is bound to max level)

For anyone who played Borderlands (Post-Apocalyptic First Person Shooter RPG) you will notice strong similarities with the well-known Selling Machines you can find in this game !

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