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Freyad Helper NPC

Postby Leodagan » 03 Apr 2016, 17:16

What Freyad Helper can do for you!

<Freyad Helper> are custom NPC's scattered around the world.

By default they offer teleport destinations to your realm Capital Cities and buff tokens to help the player adventuring in most dangerous area !

You can find them in cities, near bind stones or in the center of the city.
In dungeon they'll be around entrance and in front of instanced-dungeon portals, you will also find "Encounter Helper", in epic dungeons, that allow you to buff again before a strong fight or to teleport out of this Hell !
Visit them in RvR and Battlegrounds, near Portal Keeps, and in each RvR dungeon entrance...

They also offer some goods to sell, from time to time get an eye on the second page of the Freyad Helper goods list, actually they offer Potions and Respec Stones !

Here are some area where they get spotted : Capitals, Classic zones cities, Epic zones bindpoint, Classic dungeons, Adventure wings (Instanced Catacombs Dungeon), Shrouded Isles cities, Shrouded Isles dungeons, Trials of Atlantis cities, Trials of Atlantis dungeon, Catacombs city and dungeons Area, Labyrinth of Minotaur, Darkness Falls, Passage of Conflict, Summoner Hall...

Each Freyad Helper should offer you a list of destinations based on their current location:
  • If you are in Classic cities you'll get cities and classic dungeons destinations
  • If you are in Shrouded Isles you'll get SI cities and dungeons destinations
  • If you are in Catacombs area you will be able to move through Catacombs dungeons
  • The same goes for destinations in Trials of Atlantis

RvR destinations are not yet implemented, a not-implemented Freyad Helper will offer you Capitals destinations only !

Capitals destinations includes : Classic Capital City, Shrouded Isles Capital City, ToA Oceanus Hesperos, Catacombs Capital City, and RvR Portal Keep

Tips for using Teleporter, whatever the destinations displayed, you can Always "/whisper" the destination you would like

Code: Select all

/whisper Dartmoor
/whisper "Tuscaran Glacier"

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