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Epic Quests

Postby Leodagan » 03 Apr 2016, 17:17

Where to begin and steps to finish epic quests.


  • Academy Epic Quest
    Valid for: Wizard, Minstrel, Sorceror
    Starting NPC: Master Ferowl (/loc: in Camelot Hills, X 10826, Y 26930, Z 2712)

  • Church Epic Quest
    Valid for: Cleric, Paladin
    Starting NPC: Roben Fraomar (/loc: in Cornwall, X 56301, Y 20901, Z 5200)

  • Defender Epic Quest
    Valid for: Scout, Armsman, Theurgist, Friar, Mauler
    Starting NPC: Lidmann Halsey (/loc: in Avalon Marsh, X 48672, Y 20154, Z 1954)

  • Shadow Epic Quest
    Valid for: Mercenary, Reaver, Cabalist, Infiltrator, Necromancer, Heretic
    Starting NPC: Lidmann Halsey (/loc: in Avalon Marsh, X 48672, Y 20154, Z 1954)


  • Mystic Epic Quest
    Valid for: Spiritmaster, Bonedancer, Runemaster, Warlock
    Starting NPC: Danica (/loc: in Vale of Mularn, Mularn village X 49154, Y 55669, Z 4760)

  • Rogue Epic Quest
    Valid for: Hunter, Shadowblade
    Starting NPC: Masrim (/loc: in Gotar, Fort Atla, X 28203, Y 10288, Z 4437)

  • Seer Epic Quest
    Valid for: Healer, Shaman
    Starting NPC: Inaksha (/loc: in Vale of Mularn, Haggerfel, X 52265, Y 30705, Z 4960)

  • Viking Epic Quest
    Valid for: Warrior, Berserker, Thane, Skald, Savage, Valkyrie, Mauler
    Starting NPC: Lynnleigh (/loc: in East Svealand, Meeting Island, X 39222, Y 21173, Z 4737)


  • Essence Epic Quest
    Valid for: Champion, Bard, Enchanter, Nightshade
    Starting NPC: Brigit (/loc: in Tir na Nog, X 24551, Y 24735, Z 8000)

  • Focus Epic Quest
    Valid for: Ranger, Hero, Eldritch, Warden, Mauler
    Starting NPC: Ainrebh (/loc: in Valley of Bri Leith, X 32945, Y 36257, Z 1877)

  • Harmony Epic Quest
    Valid for: Blademaster, Druid, Mentalist, Animist, Valewalker, Vampiir, Bainshee
    Starting NPC: Revelin (/loc: in Lough Gur, X 26299, Y 56722, Z 6336)

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