Please need artefact for make fun your server

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Please need artefact for make fun your server

Postby Forestine » 11 Jan 2017, 00:14

Hi leodagan , Happy new year :)

I play on your server since 2013 as a lot players in the start server.

i always has been happy to play here (again all 2016 with Friends Daoc from this server too)

You have build an very good server Daoc Toa

I remenber was very in 2013 65 players on and your server up in succes logon more.

You can look, old players back always here since 2013 yet all year as new players logon and try here and back yet :)

Problem here, is only no artefact are implemented so all sc are bad. (for exemple : no artefact : Eerie Darkness Lighting Stone for help cap resist, Misth of Shade, Tablet of Atlantis etc ...)
And as you know, no one player Daoc like to be ridiculous for rvr. All players like to remake their love sc or maybe make better.
They need to find theirs favorite items.

We love Daoc always.

Please can you to implemente artefact. Just need them only.
MLS isn t urgent, we can play very good without mls.

Sure players back here and stay here if you finish to implmement.

Thank you sincerily a lot for your look.

See you
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Re: Please need artefact for make fun your server

Postby Leodagan » 12 Jan 2017, 06:43

Hello Forestine,

Happy new Year !

I didn't remember Freyad had no Artefact ;)

This can be hard to build effective template for PvP Indeed...

I'll try to find some package around DOL community files :)

Thanks for the report !

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