DOLserver: please HELP !

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DOLserver: please HELP !

Postby Falco » 14 Dec 2017, 13:01

Hi all,
i'm trying to use a dolserver in standalone mode, but i need help.
First of all, i've tried to register at but at moment i have no response and i don't know how to contact Etaew by email.

Problem 1.
Reading that forum, i've seen this interesting post: Solo Enhancements
but the link of the attached file is dead and i cannot write in that forum.

Problem 2.
I've installed the DOLserver on my pc (Windows 8.1) and my goal is to play offline PVE
Note: i'm not interesting to edit the source, then i tryed the outdated one click server and it works (isn't perfect but works).
In this case the only problem is to manage the database, i tryed to install phpadmin but when it is installed the server not works anymore.
So, for to edit the database i've tryed other ways...

Problem 3
Fist test using binaries: the DOL works but it give me a lot of errors when loading the database, but the DOLconfigure says it is connected correctly

For testing, i've downloaded the database named "dolpubdbV30.sql", it works but is not perfect, in fact i have several red messages of error and several yellow messages of warning.
Ingame i can play and there are mobs, npc and so on , but the pg have no Abilities then i cannot wear armor and i cannot use Sprint.

Problem 4
Another problem are the options of configuration of the server, i can modify that but when i reboot the server i must re-insert my options changes manually.
I need to backup it and restore on the next server reboot.

Anyone can suggest me how to proceed?
Where i can read guidelines about these problems?
I've already seen all english guides in the forum but i'm not able to solve my problem.

And where i can find an example of how to populate the server as i see in this video?
I mean, lookining this post:
Shawn's Guide to Commands [UPDATED]
i knwon the server command but i need some example for to use it.

So, the only playble ways is to use the outdated version but i have not understand how to edit the database.
I'm interesting to Quest Designer too but when I've tryed to use the DOLserver source i'm surrender, it's too much difficult for me :) .

Thank you for you advice.

P.s. For Italians:
qualcuno ha provato a installare il DOLserver recentemente?
Mi dareste qualche aiuto?

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