Some Questions

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Some Questions

Postby kyzuma » 20 Feb 2019, 05:30

Hi all,
I just started playing here a few days ago and had some questions.

I was able to kill the ML 1 boss Cetus along with Danos which is the boss for the Guard of Valor artifact chest piece, but I did not receive any items from them and could not figure out how to activate the ML 1 skill or get the chest item on my characters. For more info, I think my characters were level 46 at the time. Thoughts?
Isen Vakten
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Re: Some Questions

Postby Forestine » 20 Mar 2019, 21:09


- MLs books are not implemented on bosses. You only have to farm the Atlantean glass and go buy the MLs directly at Ruinrar of Atlantis.

- The Arties are not lootable, they only buy with the BP. And to have BP you have to kill the enemy in RvR.

- For information: Draco is implemented, we do not need to be ML9 to go to the farmer.
To go to Celestus there is only one way: Oceanus Hesperos then see the Djinn for you teleporter Dungeon > city > Phoenix. There is a teleporter at loc 38000 31300 which will take you to the entrance of Celestus.
Once Draco is dead, you leave Celestus and you wait five minutes before returning to Celestus, Draco will be there again.


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